small-business owner

A variety of skills

As a small company, we need people who come with a variety of skills, and who can learn new ones on the run. This has definitely been true in David’s case. He is now working on projects not envisioned when he started, using skills I didn’t know then that we’d need.

Gifted communicator

David is a gifted communicator. He has a way of interacting with a variety of personalities, singly or in groups, which leaves all parties satisfied that they were heard, understood, and respectfully engaged in a fruitful and rewarding exchange. He welcomes opinions and ideas from others, so that the conversation is enriched and interwoven with new information and insight. While David is so well-versed and experienced in a number of areas, he conveys a warm understanding that he is truly interested in what is being said, and then weaves his contributions into the conversation as well. David is also adept at moderating in situations where people have strong opposing opinions, again with a style laden with respect and clarity. I would highly recommend David in any position where his unique gift as a communicator can be fully appreciated.