Professional highlights

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Unreasonable Software, Inc.

Techie Annex, 1983 to date

Software from handheld to web

  • E-commerce site for small press
  • Mass customization e-commerce
  • Web apps for service businesses
  • Diagnostics, security, system management for medical lab equipment
  • Freelance career management software

Clarity on screen or in print

  • Making software both easier and more powerful, at the same time
  • Revamped user interface for family of robotic devices
  • Visual design for print and screen
  • Web graphics for retail store
  • Writing, editing, publishing

Expert advice for technical issues

  • Converting paper to digital records
  • Product recommendations
  • Migrating to open source solutions
  • Plan for comprehensive security assessment of health care firm

OTG Software (now EMC)

Re-Architect, 2000-2001

Sales opportunities were being lost

  • Current product was too limited
  • Rearchitected for scalability, reliability, extensibility, etc.
  • Designed database, user interface

Oracle, Thinking Machines

Usability & Database Eng, 1998-2000

Last contractor retained by Oracle

  • Commercial data mining product
  • Only engineer whose job spanned client, server, protocol & database
  • Led technical side with strategic partner

Database Publishing Software

Usability Architect, 1996-1998

Dramatically improved usability

  • Now used by non-technical staff
  • Customer AMP was so impressed they bought the company

Putnam’s reports took 3 months to run

  • Dropped run time to 3 hours
  • Putnam came back every quarter with enhancement requests
  • Reached visibility to Putnam CEO

Inspex (now Hamamatsu)

Project Leader & Architect, 1994-1996

Created successor product for semiconductor process engineers

  • Hired and led engineering team
  • Designed architecture, major features, user interface, test suites
  • Entrusted with key customers
  • Customers called CEO, delighted by the features and rollout plan
  • Wrote imaging subsystem

HP, Apollo Computer

Project Leader & Architect, 1987-1993

Key insight on millions of web sites

  • Added cross-platform configuration management to Apollo’s marquee tool
  • Designed major subsystems and overall architecture. HP patented.
  • Oversaw development, quality, and beta teams
  • No bugs for project at week’s end throughout alpha and beta testing
  • Designed architecture for the next generation of DSEE source control and configuration management

Saved a billion-dollar deal in three days

  • 5-year $200 million a year at stake
  • Apollo’s top customer, Mentor Graphics, was switching to Sun
  • Only convincing them product let them support both could save deal

Created a roadmap for the division

  • Defined products, strategy, rollout plan for distributed software development & system management suite
  • Led enterprise management tools team
  • Strategic partnership with IBM
  • Routinely asked to present, sometimes on 15 minutes’ notice

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Computer Scientist, 1982-1987

Hierarchical storage management, supercomputing, and UNIX for nuclear fusion researchers

  • Evolved file storage impervious to frequent Cray hardware crashes
  • Designed, wrote, and supported 7×24 a complete layered backup system
  • Responsible for all UNIX utilities & libraries for 11 computer centers
  • Sole maintainer & support for over 1.5 million lines in 300 programs
  • Modified 125+ tools for secure, supercomputer operating system
  • Entrusted by DOE to assess project
  • “Q” clearance (Top Secret equiv)

Graduate school & previous

  • Promoted to rescue failing project
  • Real-time signal processing system used during surgery
  • Special Olympics charge nurse
  • IDF anti-terrorist civil guard
  • ER volunteer at evac hospital


1983 PhD work Artificial Intelligence, Supercomputing, Robotics
Michigan State University, Stanford University

1982 MS Computer Science
Michigan State University

1978 Clarion Science Fiction Writers Workshop

1978 BA Linguistics / Math
Stony Brook University