David Lubkin

Hands-on practical visionary

  • Need to figure out what comes next?
  • Know what you want but not how to achieve it?
  • Or simply don’t have the time or the right people at hand?
  • Despair of hiring a techie with the breadth of experience you need?

Hand off web or software tasks to a solid pro you can count on.

Solutions that work

  • Insight with an eye for the big picture, details, and consequences
  • Answers that delight customers
  • Clean, efficient, resilient designs
  • Proven in bet-your-company situations

Technology interpreter

What I know, I can explain.
And I know a fair bit.

Enthusiastic and flexible

Committed to your success. And ready with a slew of skills. For now or next time you need help. Or when your priorities abruptly shift. As they do.