David’s ability to consider a large array of aspects to any particular problem make his contributions invaluable.

When you asked me to evaluate the U/I, I had no idea how far reaching your vision had become. Everyone here is very excited by the plans.

David is a great organizer of meetings. He can make everyone feel at home, lead discussions in useful directions without hurting anyone, and otherwise organize wonderful events.

I’ve found David’s attention to detail, imagination, knowledge, and unrelenting pursuit of solutions to be very effective. He is a valuable asset to any team he joins and is also very effective interpersonally, moderating discussions and seeking consensus.

From my point of view, this has been a very successful project.

I delegated the project to David. For the next two years I spent my time on other matters, knowing deadlines were met, and the customer was happy.

David has contributed more than expected or anticipated.

In sum, excellent work.

Your design is absolutely the best. We leapfrogged the competition. The big boss was really impressed: “When can I have it?”

He is a unique blend of raw intelligence and pragmatic problem solver. I would highly recommend him for any software-based job and know that his genuine experience and extraordinary mental capabilities will make him the perfect in-house go-to guy for any complex problem.

a critical factor in the success of the company

We appreciate the opportunity to review your plans … this capability is needed today by many of our product operations … We were very pleased with the overall approach.

As the central designer in the group, he was ideal in analyzing new situations, in designing complex features, and then conveying his ideas clearly to customers and other engineers.

You obviously cared that everyone understood the material and it showed … The class was better than my expectations. Do more!

David has a high sense of teamwork in his desires and actions.

Your spirit and positive attitude was beyond inspirational to me and truly impacted and uplifted my day.

David has an unusually high level of productivity and achievement. He is one of the strongest contributors to the organization.

What will it take for you to go permanent?

David is a gifted communicator. He has a way of interacting with a variety of personalities, singly or in groups, which leaves all parties satisfied that they were heard, understood, and respectfully engaged in a fruitful and rewarding exchange. He welcomes opinions and ideas from others, so that the conversation is enriched and interwoven with new information and insight. While David is so well-versed and experienced in a number of areas, he conveys a warm understanding that he is truly interested in what is being said, and then weaves his contributions into the conversation as well. David is also adept at moderating in situations where people have strong opposing opinions, again with a style laden with respect and clarity. I would highly recommend David in any position where his unique gift as a communicator can be fully appreciated.

Excellent article series you have started. That’s outstanding PR for the UNIX effort.

I really appreciated the very professional and fast way you had to handle the whole deal.

David gives the impression of being more than one person, with the incredible breadth and depth of a detail-oriented and conscientious expert in several areas, coupled with the gumption of a brilliant manager.

David Lubkin is one of the smartest people I know. He’s got an outstanding command of English and a keen ability to spot errors in text—both logical and typographic.

He is a solid, trustworthy, and reliable person. He takes his responsibilities seriously, and always follows through on his commitments.

David’s broad background in computer science and his ability to grasp concepts well, combine to make him ideal in analyzing new situations.

I really learned a lot and you are great at teaching. Thank you for all your work!!

David has been careful to understand the issues of the moment and to assess their relative priorities.

He is excellent at working agreeably with people of varied personalities, and his creative ideas have brought consensus.

The end result was professional as well as accurate and timely. David was a pro and proved to also be quite patient as demands/requirements fluctuated from time-to-time.

David is clear and complete in his design work.

David does indeed add visionary influence to projects. He thinks outside standard parameters and is able to follow through with real solutions.

David is thoughtful, thorough, stable, and ready to commit the kind of energy that’s needed in this critical position.

He has the sense and ability to remain diplomatic and to get along with people that some of us might simply write off. He is willing to look for active solutions to problems, as opposed to fence sitting, in hopes that the evil spirits will wander off.

David was the key contributor, throughout all phases of the long technical process.… David’s performance was stellar in all aspects!

We very much appreciate your delving into our design project with enthusiasm.

In other words, as Bones explained to Spock in Star Trek IV, I trust your “best shot” better than other people’s certainty.

You always impress me with your ability to approach topics from different angles. It’s a rare quality in a person, even among those who believe themselves to be intelligent. I figure this stems from a sensitivity to both the subject and the people involved.

I can definitely see the amount of thought you’re putting into this, and it is very much appreciated.

He’s frighteningly intelligent, interesting, logical, respectful to others, and thoughtful … he has earned almost universal respect.

David has met a number of tight deadlines over the last year. Often these deadlines were imposed by needs of his management chain. David responded without failing.

David knows how to apply his broad knowledge and understanding of the customer needs to the definition of the various proposals he is working on.

Your performance was truly superb and we greatly appreciate all of your efforts. It has been a privilege and a pleasure working with you.

In my opinion, you deserve the nice dinner promised when you were here. How can I make arrangements to pay off?

David has continued to provide key support for a number of critical areas.

In addition to the valuable information we received, we were most impressed with the professionalism, expertise, and enthusiasm displayed.

It looks great! I’m very excited!

As a small company, we need people who come with a variety of skills, and who can learn new ones on the run. This has definitely been true in David’s case. He is now working on projects not envisioned when he started, using skills I didn’t know then that we’d need.